Clothing Technology

The Clothing Technology section is equipped with necessary modern cutting, sewing and finishing machinery for the trainees to learn the techniques of manufacturing of garments and provides training and consultancy in the disciplines of industrial engineering, production organization, merchandizing, cutting room techniques, finishing and operation management. In association with the industry stakeholders, a special skills development training of industry personnel is conducted outside the institute with an view capacity building in the apparel industry. Tailor-made training programmes are offered to suit the requirements of organizations which require to develop the skills of the employees of the export and domestic apparel manufacturing sector.

Staff Members

  • Mr. B.L.S.P. Nishantha
 Chief Technologist  M.Sc.(USA-Textile), B.Sc. Physical Science (Hons) /
  • Mr. R.M.U. Rathnayake
 Senior Technologist  PhD. Reading (PGIHS, Peradeniya) M.Sc.(USA-Textile), B.Sc. (Maths)
  • Mr. N.P.K. Rajapaksha
 Senior Tehnologist  M.Sc.(USA-Textile), B.Com (Colombo)
  • Mr. K.A.P. Fernando
    (On leave)
 Senior Technologist

 Reading PhD. / B.Sc. (Peradeniya)
  • Mrs. M.N. Ranasinghe
 Technologist  B.Tech (Hons) in Engineering - OUSL, NDT (Textile & Clothing)
  • Mr. M.A.M. Afham
 Technologist  B.Tech (Hons) in Engineering - OUSL, NDT (Textile & Clothing)
  • Mr. M.H.M. Hasrin

 Reading MSc(uom), B.Sc. (Eng.) (Textile & Clothing technology), AMIESL

  • Mr. A.J. Ahamed
 Engineer (Electronic)  Bachelor of Engineering (Electronic Engineering) - Sheffield Hallam University, Diploma in Electronic Enigneering (SLIIT)
  • Ms. P.K.R.S. Ariyarathne
 Assistant Technologist  Diploma in Clothing Technology (CITI)
  • Mrs. P.D.R.R. De Silva
 Assistant Technologist  MBA (UK), Diploma in Clothing Technology (CITI)


Department Head Contact Details

Contact PersonMr.Nishantha Liyanage
DesignationChief Technologist
Direct Numbers+94 11 263 2406
General Numbers+94 11 263 2406