By Handicraft To Win a World

"By Handicraft To win a world" Awarding of certificates to trainees who have completed training in footwear manufacturing.

The Skills Development Program of New Entrepreneurs was recently launched under the full guidance of the State Ministry of Batik, Handicrafts, Textiles, and Indigenous Products in Kurunegala District with the full guidance to enhance the local footwear production capacity in a prosperous program that encourages local manufacturers and strengthens the local economy.

Dayasiri Jayasekara, Minister of State for Batik, Handicrafts, Textiles, and Local Apparel Products. It was held on the 5th at the Malkaduwawa Multipurpose Training Center, Kurunegala, and at the Polpithigama School Auditorium.

Lakshman Wedaruwa, Former Minister of Health, North Western Province, Members of the Kurunegala Municipal Council and Polpithigama Municipal Council, Pradeshiya Sabha, Director of the Sri Lanka Textile and Apparel Institute, and some government officials were present on the occasion. We hope that in the future you too will contribute to the program of strengthening the economy of the country through the sale of its products.

- Media Section