Career Guidance Center

The centre is functions under the supervision of In-Charge of Career Guidance Centre. Mr. D.P Weerarathne is In-Charge of the Centre and Mr.K.A.P. Fernando appointed as Assistant In-Charge of the Centre.

The following services are provided by this Centre:

  • To advice and provide information to graduates in finding employments.
  • To develop and introduce attitudes of the outside world to undergraduates by organizing and conducting training sessions and workshops.
  • To assists graduates in directing them for fruitful business or industry.
  • To provide information to new graduates on the availability of jobs and having training programmes for them.
  • To make the students aware of what the employers are looking for and what the employers’ requirements are.
  • To actively participate in building mutual understanding between the SLITA students and the outside world, specially the privet sector.