Chairman Message


It is a privilege as the chairman of the Institute to spearhead the organization to new heights to excel as a leading service provider to Government Textile and Leather & footwear sectors. SLITA, the premier institute associates with the Textile and Apparel sector offering Training, Testing, Technical and Consultancy service as its Co- Business. It looks forward for untapped local and international market opportunities in the region.

The institute is geared to train both school leavers and industry personnel in various disciplines according to the industry demand. It is a great pleasure to mention that those who obtain training and other services in various specialties are in demand satisfying the employments and meeting the expected service requirements.

Further, on demand specialized training programmes and consultancies are offered for those factories to build capacities - and make improvements in producting to achieve their competitiveness in the sector. The facilities offered to the industry by the Institute have been expanded in the hook and corner of the country by mobilizing the services under the special scheme funded by the ministry. At present Institute goes on the path of development to support, export industry improvement and rural industrialization by mobilizing the staff and establishing new centers to assure the best services to the Industry.

M A Thajudeen