Name Course type
Fabrics inspection for Textile & Garment Industry PartTime
Dyeing of Garment Accessories FullTime
Socks Knitting FullTime
Batik Dyeing for Export FullTime
Fabric Inspection FullTime
Quality Aspects of Knitted Fabrics FullTime
SDC Programme on Certificate in Confidence in Colour Fastness Testing FullTime
Quality Aspects of Woven Fabrics FullTime
Knitting Technology for Executives FullTime
Green Textile FullTime
Management Skill Development for Supervisors PartTime
Circular Knitting Technology PartTime
Textile Technology for Executives FullTime
Colour Theory & Color Matching for Textile Dyeing FullTime
Elastic Manufacturing Technology FullTime
Hand Screen Printing FullTime
Chemistry for Textile & Apparel Industry FullTime
Product Development for Textiles FullTime
Advanced Pattern Technology for Intimates Apparel PartTime
Sewing Machine Maintenance (SMM 1/P) PartTime
Sewing Machine Maintenance (SMM 2/P) PartTime
Sewing Machine Maintenance (SMM 3/P) PartTime
T-Shirt Pattern Cutting & Grading FullTime
Sewing Machinist Instructor Training PartTime
Jigs & Attachment Technology FullTime
Advanced Attachment Technology FullTime
Lean Manufacturing for Apparel Industry PartTime
Production Supervisory Management FullTime
Computer Aided Pattern Drawing, Grading & Marker Making ( GERBER) FullTime
Computer Aided Pattern Drawing, Grading & Marker Making ( LECTRA) PartTime
Skill Development in CAD System (Lectra) FullTime
Garment Industry Automation with Arduino Control System PartTime