Upcoming Courses in November /Decemer 2019

Diploma & Certificate Level Courses 

  • HND Level I &II Diploma in Textile & Apparel Technology
  • Diploma in Footwear Manufacturing Technology
  • Diploma in Testing & Quality Assurance for Textile & Garment (Module I)
  •  Diploma in Textile Technology
  • Certificate in Merchandising Management
  • Certificate in Fabric Technology
  •  Certificate in Pattern Cutting Grading & Styling Development
  • Certificate in Workstudy for Apparel Industry (NVQ 4 - Accredited)
  • Certificate in Textile Designing 
Short Courses 

  • Garment Production Techniques for Middle Management
  • Fabric Inspection for Textile and Garment
  •  Fabric Inspection for Textile and Garment
  •  Sewing Machine Maintenance SMM2P - (Lockstitch Botton Hole, Bartack - Electronic)
  • Industrial Automation with Arduino Control System
  • Men's Coat Pattern Development Training Programme
  • Men's Trouser Pattern Development Training Programme
  • Course on Time and Cost Estimation for Garment Manufacturing - (Enterprise Development Programme)
  • Course on Technical Guide for Purchasing Sewing Machines - (Enterprise Development Programme)
  • Embroidery and Bonding Training Programme Course on Sandals Making (Enterprise Development Programme)
  • Bag Manufacturing - (Enterprise Development Programme)
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