Upcoming Courses in July /August 2019

Diploma & Certificate Level Courses

  1. Diploma in Fashion Design & Product Development
  2. Certificate in Work-study for Apparel Industry (NVQ 4 - Accredited)
  3.  Certificate in Fabric Technology
  4.  Certificate in Pattern Cutting Grading & Styling Development
  5. Certificate in Sewing Machine Maintenance
  6. Diploma in Textile & Apparel Technology
  7. Diploma in Merchandising Management
  8. Diploma in Textile Colouration & Finishing Technology
  9. Diploma in English for Executives in Textile & Apparel Industry (Level I & II)
  10. Certificate in Footwear Designing Technology
  11. Certificate in Garment Quality Management
  12. Certificate in Work-study and Factory Management 

Short Course 

  1. Textile Technology for Executives
  2.  Textile Technology for Uniform & Textile Procurement
  3. Advanced Pattern Technology for Intimate Apparel - Level II
  4. Supervisory Management
  5. Jigs & Attachment Technology
  6.  Fabric Inspection for Textile and Garment
  7. Dyeing of Garment Accessories (Buttons, Zippers... etc.) Computer Aided Pattern Drawing Grading & Marker Making (Gerber)
  8.  Sewing Machine Maintenance SMM3P - (Double Needle Lockstitch, Flat Lock, Multi-Needle Chain Stitch)
  9.  Industrial Automation with Arduino Control System