Message from the Director General


Having been positioned as a premier institution for textile and apparel, SLITA has gained reputation for its training programmes, testing, technical and consultancy services in Sri Lanka and abroad. Textile Training & Service Centre, Clothing Industry Training Institute, predecessors to SLITA were in existence for last three decades. Annually, over 125 training programmes are offered to the industry personnel and youth aspiring to enter the industry. The students are poised to get a unique experience having the industrial and institutional exposure besides the regular academic work. The institute leadership and the distinguished group of faculty members are geared to offer education, bench marking the other similar institutions in all major areas of textile, apparel technology and management. Now the Institution is linking with other international academic Institutions for the mutual co-operation to offer higher level of courses/ training programmes. Institute plays a significant role in national economic development through its services to facilitating new entrance and industrialist in the sectors.

Eng. Robert V Peries