Duration 20 Sundays
Medium English
Date of Commencement Refer Yearly Calendar
Entry Requirement Basic educational attainment with industry experience in clothing and allied industry.

This course offers broad understanding in production planning, work study techniques, method study and computerized methods of calculating SMV (GSD), product layouts, process layouts, product analysis, production systems, progressive bundle unit system, unit production system and modular manufacturing. and modular manufacturing (Toyota Sewing System. (TSS) and Juki Sewing System (JUSS), line balancing techniques, setting of incentive systems, sample techniques, diagnostic methods, e-commerce, interviewing techniques, costing and factory management.

  • Ceritificate in Garment Washing , Dyeing & Finishing Technology
  • Certificate in Fabric Technology
  • Certificate in Textile & Apparel Management
  • Certificate in Kintting Technology
  • Certificate in Coloration & Fininshing Technology
  • Certificate in Work study & Factory Management
  • Certificate in Work Study for Apparel Industry
  • Certificate in Pattern , Cutting ,Grading & Styling Development
  • Certificate in Grament Production Management
  • Certificate in Clothing Technology
  • Certificate in Garment Quality Management
  • Certificate in Merchandising Management
  • Certificate in Testing & Quality Assurance of Textiles & Garments
  • Certificate in Textile Colouration & Finishing Technology
  • Certificate in Operation Management
  • Certificate in Footwear Designing Technology
  • Certificate in Footwear Manufacturing Technology
  • Certificate in Sewing Machine Engineering &Maintance