Duration 20 Days (Saturdays)
Medium Sinhala / English
Date of Commencement Refer Yearly Calendar
  • Basis of textile fibres
  • Introduction to yarn technology
  • Introduction to knitting
  • V-bed machine technology
  • Circular machine technology
  • Warp knitting machine technology
  • V-bed machine fabric structure and patterning
  • Circular fabric knitting structures and patterning
  • Yarn tension, cam forces and robbing back
  • Socks knitting technology
  • Collar knitting technology
  • Quality control in V-bed knitting machine
  • Graphical representation of weft knitted structures
  • Graphical representation of warp knitted structures
  • Quality control in circular knitting
  • Positive feeding on V-bed machines
  • Weft knitting quality control
  • Dyeing and finishing of knitted fabrics

The course is design to impart knowledge and skills on Knitting Technology

  • Ceritificate in Garment Washing , Dyeing & Finishing Technology
  • Certificate in Fabric Technology
  • Certificate in Textile & Apparel Management
  • Certificate in Kintting Technology
  • Certificate in Coloration & Fininshing Technology
  • Certificate in Work study & Factory Management
  • Certificate in Work Study for Apparel Industry
  • Certificate in Pattern , Cutting ,Grading & Styling Development
  • Certificate in Grament Production Management
  • Certificate in Clothing Technology
  • Certificate in Garment Quality Management
  • Certificate in Merchandising Management
  • Certificate in Testing & Quality Assurance of Textiles & Garments
  • Certificate in Textile Colouration & Finishing Technology
  • Certificate in Operation Management
  • Certificate in Footwear Designing Technology
  • Certificate in Footwear Manufacturing Technology
  • Certificate in Sewing Machine Engineering &Maintance